Do Designers Always Have Good Handwriting?


I love drawing and hand drawn typography. I have filled dozens of notebooks. I even started an Etsy shop to sell hand illustrated notebooks.

So you might assume I have good handwriting.


Often during meetings I am apprehensive of my clients catching a glimpse of my notes and thinking one of these three things:

  1. She won’t be able to read her handwriting later and will miss something important.
  2. Nobody with this type of handwriting can be an artist.
  3. Is she a serial killer?

Here are some notes I took at a recent meeting.


As you can tell, whenever I finish something off my to-do list, I am so overjoyed that I get a little excited when crossing it off.


What’s even worse is when I try to sketch a mockup for a client during a meeting and forget how to draw lines.


Sometimes I misspell words or leave a letter off the end and have to go back and fix it.


But the thing is, I really do love typography and hand lettering. I am capable of drawing calligraphy and fancy text.

Are there any other creatives out there with bad handwriting?


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